Ricky is a graphic designer, illustrator, (and aspiring comedian)

His work is profoundly influenced by his undying love of mid-century modernism and the masters who've come before us, while infusing some of his own personality and humor into everything he makes. He likes to think of himself as a robot simply so that he can trick his brain into thinking he does not require sleep and spends the extra hours feeding his comedy addiction.

He also takes on freelance projects so if you have a project you think he would be a perfect fit for, please get in touch at hi@rickylinn.com


Editorial illustrations ranging from spots to full page pieces for GOOD Magazine, Wired, and school assignments.

Article about urging museums to reconsider their photography policies and bans against their patrons.

World View spots highlighting different methods of upcycling and repurposing in different cities around the world.

Spot about the hidden treasures of unlocking public access to the government's pool of big data.

Editorial illustration on how different typewriters can have their own personality and sound when typing.

Series of spots illustrating the different kinds of creative archetypes for the GOOD 100.