Ricky is a graphic designer, illustrator, (and aspiring comedian)

His work is profoundly influenced by his undying love of mid-century modernism and the masters who've come before us, while infusing some of his own personality and humor into everything he makes. He likes to think of himself as a robot simply so that he can trick his brain into thinking he does not require sleep and spends the extra hours feeding his comedy addiction.

He also takes on freelance projects so if you have a project you think he would be a perfect fit for, please get in touch at hi@rickylinn.com

2012 U.S. Budget Report

The project called for a re-interpretation of how the numbers and figures of the Budget Report for the Fiscal 2012 year could be presented so that it will more accessible and fun to engage with the data. The 2012 U.S. budget report spans over 200 pages long, filled with esoteric numbers that no one understands unless you are intimately involved with those numbers.

My take on it was to provide readers with bite-sized information for each of the 15 federal departments of the executive branch of the U.S. The covers reflect their respective departments that hopefully entices casual passer-bys want to pick it up and read what is inside. I also redesigned the different seals of each department to make them look like a unified governing body.

Inside you will find funding highlights for each department for the 2012 fiscal year, budget and spending trends of that department over the last 40 years, the breakdown of how the money is distributed in each department, and a comparison of the budget and spending of each department in relation to one another.

Redesign of all the seals of the 15 major departments that make up the U.S. cabinet.