Arizona Iced Tea
I love Arizona's teas but have always hated their branding and graphics. It was all over the map and I felt it needed a little help. And seeing that 2012 was their 20th anniversary, this was the perfect time to do a little something for them.

My rebrand of Arizona draws upon the themes and visual language of the Southwest that the company draws its namesake from. It is an exciting fusion of contemporary modernist design language with the traditions of Native American art and culture to give Arizona a unique voice in an over-saturated market.

Part of the project's requirements were to introduce hypothetical new items into the product line to expand Arizona's current offerings. So I chose to go with a limited edition run of Arizona Iced Tea vodka to celebrate their 20 years, and a new line of tea bags to expand Arizona into the hot tea market seeing as they have already dominated the iced tea market. The two cans are currently existing items in their product line.

3D render mockups using the Esko software plugin.